The JBC cones will change the way you think about traffic cones. if you're seeking a product that is superior in quality yet competitively priced, look no further than the JBC cones

JBC Tested Tough

Dynamics of JBC cone

Cone Color variations

All JBC colored cones are MUTCD and NCHRP-350 compliant products, comes in Blue, Yellow, Green, Lime Green, Pink and Red. Colored traffic cones come in either 18-inch or 28 inch and they are used in Parking zone, Sports and other recreational uses.

Cone size variations

Height varation are:
  • 12 inches tall
  • 18 inches tall
  • 28 inches tall WIDE BODY / SLIM BODY 5lbs., 7lbs., 10lbs.
  • 36 inches tall 10lbs, 12lbs, 15lbs
Please refer to download section for full listing with model number
File Name Description Download Links
RS30008C+3M4C MINI 12" 2.2lbs Revolution Cone RS30008C3M4.pdf
RS45015C 18" 3lbs Revolution Cone RS45015C_Handle.pdf
RS45015C+3M4C MINI 18" 3lbs Revolution Cone 3M4C RS45015C+3M4_Handle.pdf
RS45015C+3M6 18" 3lbs Revolution Cone +3M6 RS45015C+3M6_Handle.pdf
RS70025C 28" 5.5lbs Revolution Cone RS70025C_with_handle.pdf
RS70025C+3M6 28" 5.5lbs Revo Cone+3M6" RS70025C+3M6_with_handle.pdf
RS70025C+3M64 28" 5.5lbs Revo Cone + 3M64 RS70025C+3M64_with_handle.pdf
RS70025SR 28" 5.5lbs Revolution Slim Cone RS70025SR_handle.pdf
RS70025SR+3M6 28" 5.5lbs Revolution Slim Cone + 3M6 RS70025SR3M6_handle.pdf
RS70025SR+3M64 28" 5.5lbs Revolution Slim Cone + 3M64 RS70025SR3M64_handle.pdf
RS70032C 28" 7lbs Revolution Plain Cone RS70032C_handle.pdf
RS70032C+3M6 28" 7lbs Revolution Plain Cone + 3M6 RS70032C+3M6_handle.pdf
RS70032C+3M64 28" 7lbs Revolution Cone+3M64 RS70032C+3M64_handle.pdf
RS70032CT 28" 7lbs Revolution Cone+3M64 RS70032CT_handle.pdf
RS70032CT+3M6 28" 7lbs Revolution Cone+3M6 RS70032CT+3M6_handle.pdf
RS70032CT+3M64 28" 7lbs Revolution+3M64 RS70032CT+3M64_handle.pdf
RS70032S 28" 7lbs Revolution Slim Cone RS70032S_handle.pdf
RS70032S+3M6 28" 7lbs Revolution Cone+3M 6" RS70032S3M6_handle.pdf
RS70032S+3M64 28" 7lbs Revolution Slim+3M64 RS70032S3M64_handle.pdf
RS70032SR 28" 7lbs Revolution Slim R RS70032SR_handle.pdf
RS70032SR+3M6 28" 7lbs Slim Revo(R) + 3M6 RS70032SR3M6_handle.pdf
RS70032SR+3M64 28" 7lbs Slim Revo(R) + 3M64 RS70032SR3M64_handle.pdf
RS70045CT 28" 10lbs Revolution Cone RS70045CT_handle.pdf
RS70045CT+3M6 28" 10lbs Revolution Cone+3M6 RS70045CT+3M6_handle.pdf
RS70045S 28" 10lbs Revolution Slim Cone RS70045S_Handle.pdf
RS70045SR 28" 10lbs Revolution Slim R RS70045SR_Handle.pdf
RS70045SR+3M64 28" 10lbs Slim Revo(r) + 3M64 RS70045SR3M64_Handle.pdf
RS90045CT 36" 10lbs Revolution Cone RS90045CT_handle.pdf
RS90045CT+3M6 36" 10lbs Revolution Cone+3M6 RS90045CT+3M6_handle.pdf
RS90045CT+3M64 36" 10lbs Revolution Cone+3M64 RS90045CT+3M64_handle1.pdf
RS90055CT 36" 12 lbs Revolution Cone RS90055CT_handle.pdf
RS90055CT+3M6 36" 12lbs Revolution Cone+3M6 RS90055CT+3M6_handle.pdf
RS90055CT+3M64 36" 12lbs Revolution Cone+3M6 RS90055CT+3M64_handle.pdf
RS90070CT 36" 15lbs Revolution Cone+3M6 RS90070CT_w_handle.pdf
RS90070CT+3M6 36" 15lbs Revolution Cone+3M6 RS90070CT3M6_w_handle.pdf
RS90070CT+3M64 36" 15lbs Revolution Cone+3M64 RS90070CT3M64_w_handle.pdf
RS70045CT+3M64 28" 10lbs Revolution Cone+3M64 RS70045CT+3M64_handle.pdf