Roll Up Signs

JBC Roll Up Signs are available in 48" x 48" and 36" x 36" standard sizes and we offer many more sizes as well. JBC uses the best of all materials available in the market to make the most durable long lasting signs in the industry.

JBC roll up Graffiti and Scratch Tests

Roll Up Sign/Front

Our Dura-Viz ink technology is superior to all other brands of Roll Ups. It is not effect by solvent based on environmentally safe cleaning solutions. Our Velcro is from end to end on all overlays allows as much stronger attachment between signs face and overlay.


Any size, shape or material, custom or standard JBC can fit overlays to any sign. Printed with our Dura-Viz technology and velcro from end to end overlays built to last!!

Roll Up Signs/Back

JBC offers a wide variety of pocket configurations to meet your unique needs.

JBC Armor Pocket

Used exclusively on all Roll Up reflective material. Our durable design makes the Armor Pocket longer lasting than any other pocket.

JBC Eco Pocket

Our economical pocket used on mesh and non reflective vinyl sign. Designed with the same quality of our Armor Pocket.

JBC Plastic pocket

Our highly durable Plastic Pocket is molded from a unique blend of plastic for superior durability in a wide range of climate conditions. Our Plastic Pocket fits in all stab style sign stands.
File Name Description Download Links
36" Roll up Sign Armor Pocket 36_Roll_Up_Stitched_Letter1.pdf
48" Roll up Sign Mesh Eco Pocket 48_Roll_Up_mesh_Stitched_ECO_Statewide.pdf
48" Roll up Sign Plastic Pocket 48_Roll_Up_Plastic_Letter.pdf
48' Roll up Sign Armor Pocket 48_Roll_Up_Stitched_Letter.pdf
48 x 48 SC6-3 SC6-3 Expander Package 48X48_SC6_Flyer_EX.pdf
48 x 60 SC6-4 SC6-4 Complete kit SC6-4_Sheet.pdf
Sign Stand Regular RUS-5018NSAL-JBC Non_Spring_stand.pdf
Sign Stand Regular RUS-5018K-JBC with Spring Sign_Stand_5018K_spring.pdf
36" Roll up Sign Plastic Pocket 36_Roll_Up_Plastic_Letter.pdf