Cone Accessories

JBC is working to made cones more versatile by adding quality accessories to our product line.

Cobra chain

  • Manufactured from polyethylene plastic
  • UV stabilized to prevent color fading
  • 2" Chain tensil strength 199 lbs
  • 30 Day load bearing test 30lbs

Cobra tape

  • Sold individually or set of 4 with storage case
  • Extends to 10 feet
  • Warning tape have Yellow/Black or Red/White pattern
  • perfect for walling pot holes

T Cap

  • Designed to fit JBC cones exclusively
  • Made with 100% recyclable material
File Name Description Download Links
Cone chain overview REVISEDChain2.pdf
T-Cap overview T-CAP.pdf
Cobra Tape Spec Cobra Tape.pdf
Cobra tape 2 Cobra Tape 2.pdf
Cobra tape 3 REVISEDCobraTape.pdf