Dome Top

JBC is proud to introduce our Dome-Top Delineators. Designed to look like a bollard, they are perfect for hotels, schools, churches, parking lots, valet parking and more! Beautiful rich color options make the uses for these delineators endless.


  • 3M Prismatic reflective sheeting
  • Made of a special LDPE formula, these Delineators are strong where you need them to be and flexible enough to bounce back from tough impacts.
  • Portable - The Dome-Top Delineators come with either an 8 or 12 lb. base. This makes for easy set up and take down. Our bases are re-vulcanized rubber and have a nice clean look to them
  • Tubes have UV stabilizers to ensure they hold their color in the harshest conditions
  • JBC is the only manufacturer offering this new Dome-Top Delineator
  • These delineators have a fantastic price point and make for an inexpensive option to help with vehicle and crowd control
  • Available in Black, Yellow, Lime, Blue, White, Green and now Red.


JBC Safety Plastic offers an 8 lbs. and 12 lbs. bases. All our bases are Manufactured from 100% Recycled rubber tires and re-vulcanized for durability
File Name Description Download Links
Dome Top 42" Dome Top + 3M Tape Dome_Top.pdf
BV-12 ( Dome Top ) Dome Top Base BV121.pdf
BV-8 ( Dome Top ) Dome Top Base 8 lbs BV-81.pdf